About the Artist


Ann Hammond Gift (b. Richmond, Virginia) is an artist, painter, and designer. She is a BFA candidate in painting and a minor in fashion at The Savannah College of Art and Design (anticipated graduation date Spring 2022). She has expanded her business, Gift Art and Design, which serves as a platform for her design work and painting commissions. Ann Hammond focuses on the human figure and the female form and is interested in combining her interest in fashion and painting into her practice. She has lived and worked in Virginia, Minneapolis, and currently resides in Savannah. Ann Hammond has gained valuable experiences working at The Walker Art Center and assisting painter and fashion designer Mae Heidenreich for SCAD Serve.

Artist Statement 

Rich colors, colorful makeup, hats, rhinestones, taffeta, bustles, and folds that surround the figure are what inspire me to paint. The investigation of how fashion alters our perception of the form is the focus of my practice. Painting and fashion share themes of decoration, visual pleasure, imagination, and aesthetic luxury. The garment gives the body a shape and form that moves (with or against) the body in a beautiful and transformative way. Expensive paintings, and high fashion, are primarily accessible to me through the internet and magazines fueling my desire to get my hands on the material and fabrics and to view the paintings in person in a gallery or museum. My abstract desire for something sumptuous is attainable to me through painting as I can produce images of beauty and fantasy referencing this unattainable luxury.