If I was You

My paintings are inspired by high fashion. I am incredibly interested in how fashion alters the form. My process is watching runways, photoshoots and videos where I can pause and sketch a quick figure, then I will move it to the canvas.​

The investigation of how fashion alters our perception of the form is the focus of my practice. Painting and fashion share themes of decoration, visual pleasure, imagination, and aesthetic luxury. Expensive paintings, like high fashion, have not been accessible to me other than my interest in observing them; through magazines and television screens fueling my desire to get my hands on the material, the same with paintings in a museum. These are attainable to me through painting as I can produce images of beauty and fantasy referencing this unattainable luxury. The garment gives the body a shape and form that moves (with or against) the body in a beautiful way.​

This installation is inspired by the fashion industry and why I am inspired to paint fashion. The industry is high-paced, luxurious, and focused on vanity and outer beauty. I wanted to create a syncopation video that emphasized how fashion makes you feel when you wear it​ or watch it down the runway. ​

I chose the music because the lyrics narrate the confidence and power a model emotes when she is walking down the runway. ​

Pink ombre organza fabric hangs from the ceiling to create a veil that the projection seeps through. The two layers from the organza create two different ways to view the film; the projection goes all the way through the fabric onto the wall (that acts as a façade as luxury items can be). The veil (fabric) is important because not only is it used for sewing gowns, but also creates a way to view the models in a way that makes it difficult and somewhat far away. High fashion is a luxury few are able to attain other than viewing from afar or a screen. My investigation was how to create a high-paced environment of the fashion world that is unattainable without painting it.​