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Ann Hammond Gift

Bold Beauty

Couture that Evolves the Female Figure


June 9th-11th, 2022

Bold Beauty was exhibited at Starland Yard in Savannah, Ga. Five large-scale paintings were installed within the outdoor space, prints and other items were available for sale. 


Rich colors, hats, colorful makeup, rhinestones, taffeta, bustles, and folds that engulf the human figure are what inspire me to paint. An investigation of how fashion shapes our perception of the human form is the focus of my practice. With painting, I find myself immersed when depicting shapes of fashion consuming the human form. The painting and fashion that I am interested in share themes of decoration, visual pleasure, imagination, and aesthetic luxury. In the world of my paintings, the garment gives the body a shape and form that moves (with or against) the body in a beautiful and transformative way. Like most of us, expensive paintings, and high fashion, are primarily accessible through social media and magazines. This fuels my desire to create the material and fabrics in my work on Yupo paper with paint and markers mirroring fashion illustrations. My desire for something sumptuous is attainable to me through painting, as I can produce images of beauty and fantasy referencing this unattainable luxury. 

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