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Ann Hammond Gift worked under Mae Couture for a SCAD Serve project of painting her fashion line of parachute gowns and everyday wear. Ann Hammond has been in a mentorship with Mae Heidenreich (founder of Mae Couture) since February of 2021. Their relationship grew from virtual to in-person in Savanah in the summer. Ann Hammond and Mae discussed each other's paintings, exhibiting work, and how to improve as artists. Through this experience, Ann Hammond plans on working more and more with her fashion design background in her work. 




In the first weeks of the project, SCAD shot the garments in the beginning state. The article and photoshoot images came out on SCAD's blog. Interns Ann Hammond Gift and Beckham Lin assisted in the photoshoot and were shot with the garments and Mae. 



Mae and Ann Hammond spray paint over 50 yards of parachute fabric. The painted fabric was to be used later as evening wear and Mae Couture's everyday wear as well as bucket hats. The fabric was painted in both black and white and color; some garments were created to be reversible. The patterns on the fabric were blocks of colors with words (as Mae explains)"[FLY] is about spreading your wings. That's symbolic in Andean shamanism, where you travel above the tree tops and truly see from a higher perspective. I paint it and flip it, so the mantras face the body. The repetition of the word LIGHT means the collection recognizes my light within myself and the light within others."

IMG_4907 2.JPG


Cutting Fabric and Research

I assisted Mae in cutting fabric for hats, sleeves, and more. I would help draw out patterns in chalk then hand them to Beckham and Mae to sew. 


Video Creation and Lookbook

I created teaser videos for the line and work we helped Mae create. The lookbook photoshoot was shot in September by SCAD to be shown in the SCAD Serve project coming up.

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